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An online sports magazine –, was officially launched to the public in 2002, under the guidance of then sports minister Johnston Fernando as the first-ever all-sports website in Sri Lanka. Since then it had become an integral gateway providing services, information on the development of sports, its activities and the progress of the athletes and issues surrounding them, but would consist of an online sports-shop, sponsorships, player contracts inland and overseas and promotion of sports in and out of the territorial boundaries of Sri Lanka.

With the establishment of this online magazine, will endeavor to fulfill the following objectives.

  • Provide extensive and high quality coverage of local sporting events.
  • Maintain a comprehensive statistical database of each sport, its events and the athletes.
  • Furnish online advertisers with new exposure in the global sports following.
  • Evolve an online sales centre for sports related products.
  • Develop a Wireless Access Protocol based system for providing live sports updates for mobile phone users.


SportsLine Marketing (Pvt) Ltd

SportsLine Marketing (Pvt) Ltd is a company with a business concept centered on all aspects of sports to achieve the dual objective of promoting and marketing sports, its activities and athletes, while making it a lucrative business. With the enthusiasm and attraction towards sports becoming increasingly encouraging, SportsLine Marketing will provide a novel concept through which the sports, sporting events, sport associations, federations and clubs along with their treasured athletes would be marketed for the benefit of the sport and the individuals, thus paving way for the development in sports as an industry in Sri Lanka.

Promoting and marketing sports with a view of developing the games of the country in and out of the territorial boundaries is the prime objective of SportsLine Marketing. There will be a new grading and ranking system of sports and its athletes according to their performances conferring them with true value in terms of marketing. For SportsLine Marketing, a sport is not only a game of fun, but also a concept of business, where total solutions for sporting needs be meted at. We aim at taking the local sports, its activities and athletes and all others involved into international spheres thus enabling them the much-needed exposure in the global sports market.

SportsLine Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, a company incorporated in Sri Lanka, is owned, operated and managed by its core management of local professionals. It brings together individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of sports as writers, TV personalities and marketing professionals.

Apart from managing, the company has a few prestigious local sports tournaments organized and conducted annually under its guidance.

    • Sri Netball Challenge
    • Sri Futsal Challenge for Hemas Manufacturing (pvt) Limited
    • Ran FM Beach Foot Ball –Inter Club Tournament (Day /Night)


Nov 18
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Should Dilshan have continued until Cricket World Cup 2019?

Yes No

“That was pathetic. No excuse at all. The whole team is responsible. Whoever the captain is, we have to back him and try and support him. The captain has to do so many other stuff. All the 11 guys must back him and support him.” “We have addressed the issue of finishing off the overs on time in the past as well, but it cropped up again. It’s so unfortunate to see Upul going out as he is a crucial player in our set up. He batted well against South Africa and it’s so unfortunate. This can’t happen again,” - Angelo Mathews


Cricket is a game of fine margins and Mathews is set to be a modern great. Hang in their Angie, this team can achieve something on this tour. Thirimane and the youngsters form was a real positive. Prasad was missed. Chameera should be persisted with. If Bairstow was our early outcome could have been very different.


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