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Outsider Udesh topples former World Champion Nishantha

Two major upsets highlighted the 29th Federation Cup Carrom Championship 2016, conducted by the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka and worked-off at the Carrom Federation Headquarters, Kohuwala recently.

The first upset took place in the Men’s Singles event semi-finals when Udesh Chaminda, a stand-by player at the7th World Carrom Championship beat former World Champion Nishantha Fernando 2-1.

In the Women’s Singles semi-finals Lihini Anjalika Perera returning to the game after a lapse of a couple of years defeated National Champion Joseph Roshitha 2-1 to mark the second upset.

Chamil Cooray and Yashika Rahubadda continuing from where they left in the world event when Cooray won the Double crown to emerge winner in the Men’s Singles and Doubles event while Rahubadda won the Women’s singles, doubles along with the Mixed Doubles event to be crowned as the 29th Federation Cup champions in the Men’s and Women’s categories respectively.

Chamil Cooray with two white slams, Udesh Chaminda and Hasith Anuruddha with a white slam each while Anaz Ahamed and M. Sheriffdeen with one black slam each showed their prowess in slice work.

Chamil Cooray


  •  Men’s Singles -1st Semi-final: Chamil Cooray beat M. Sheriffdeen 2-1 (25/9, 22/25, 25/0)
  •  2nd Semi-final: Udesh Chaminda beat Nishantha Fernando 2-1 (25/19, 11/25, 25/15)
  •  Finals: Chamil Cooray beat Udesh Chaminda 2-1 (25/16, 10/25, 25/14)
  •  Men’s Doubles -1st semi-final: Chamil Cooray/Brindley Wickremasinghe beat Kavin Nimneth/Dineth Dulakshan 2-0 (25/7, 25/15)
  •  2nd semi-final: Charith Madusanka/M. Sheriffdeen beat Hasitha Anuruddha/Udesh Chaminda 2-0 (25/0, 25/6)
  •  Finals: Chamil Cooray/Brindley Wickremasinghe beat Charith Madusanka/M. Sheriffdeen 2-0 (25/18, 25/0)
  •  Women’s Singles -1st semi-final: Yashika Rahubadda beat Chalani Lakmali 2-1 (25/9, 24/25, 25/10)
  •  2nd semi-final: Lihini Anjalika Perera beat Joseph Roshita 2-1 (25/7, 4/25, 25/22)
  •  Finals: Yashika Rahubadda beat Lihini Anjalika Perera 2-1 (25/11, 23/25, 25/8)
  •  Women’s Doubles -1st semi-final: Chalani Lakmali/Yashika Rahubadda beat Joseph Roshita/Dilki Joseph 2-1 (18/19, 25/0, 25/16)
  •  2nd semi-final: Maduka Dilhani/Shashika Sandamali beat Maduwanthi Gunadasa/Maduka Withana 2-0 (25/8, 25/10)
  •  Finals:Chalani Lakmali/Yasika Rahubadda beat Maduka Dilhani/Sashika Sandamali 2-0 (25/8, 25/10)
  •  Mixed Doubles -1st semi-final: Hasitha Anurudda/Yashika Rahubadda beat Udesh Chandima/Chalani Lakmali 2-0 (25/9, 25/21)
  •  2nd semi-final: Lahiru Eshan/Joseph Roshita beat Kavin Nimneth/Pavini Yasodha 2-0 (25/5, 28/25)
  • Finals: Hasitha Anuruddha/Yashika Rahubadda beat Lahiru Eshan/Joseph Roshita 2-1 (25/5, 23/25, 25/11)
  •  Veterans Men’s Singles -1st semi-final: Mahinda Alwis beat K.A. Jayatilleka 2-0 (25/0, 21/14)
  •  2nd semi-final: Kaviranga Perera beat M.A.M. Azhver 2-1 (21/25, 25/9, 24/20)
  •   Finals: Mahinda Alwis beat Kaviranga Perera 2-1 (6/25, 25/7, 25/24)
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Should Dilshan have continued until Cricket World Cup 2019?

Yes No

“That was pathetic. No excuse at all. The whole team is responsible. Whoever the captain is, we have to back him and try and support him. The captain has to do so many other stuff. All the 11 guys must back him and support him.” “We have addressed the issue of finishing off the overs on time in the past as well, but it cropped up again. It’s so unfortunate to see Upul going out as he is a crucial player in our set up. He batted well against South Africa and it’s so unfortunate. This can’t happen again,” - Angelo Mathews


Cricket is a game of fine margins and Mathews is set to be a modern great. Hang in their Angie, this team can achieve something on this tour. Thirimane and the youngsters form was a real positive. Prasad was missed. Chameera should be persisted with. If Bairstow was our early outcome could have been very different.


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