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Sattam Alsahli of Kuwait elected as president AIPS Asia

Sattam Alsahli of Kuwait  elected as president AIPS Asia

ISLAMABAD, October 6, 2017 - Elections for the AIPS Asia Executive Committee were held on the second day of the 20th AIPS Asia Extraordinary Congress held at the Serena Hotel in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Sattam Alsahli of Kuwait was elected as president for the first time while Pakistan’s Amjad Aziz Malik was voted in as secretary general for the second time. Hee Deon Jung of South Korea was elected as the first vice president for the first time.

The Election Committee approved by the Congress included Abdolhamid Hamidi (Iran), Hishan Welmilla (Sri Lanka) and Bashir Senan (Yemen).


Hee Don Jung from Korea; Amjad Aziz Malik from Pakistan; Sattam Alsahli from Kuwait

Mr Hee Don Jung and Amjad Aziz Malik withdrew in favour of Sattam Alsahli of Kuwait who was thus elected unopposed.



Ahmed Khawari from Malaysia; Raymond Chui Chan Fai from Hong Kong; Hee Deon Jung from Korea; Maisam Zamanabadi from Iran


The remaining three withdrew in favour of Hee Deon Jung of Korea, who was thus elected unopposed.


VICE PRESIDENT: 10 candidates for five seats

As Sattam Alsahli of Kuwait was already elected president his candidature was void leaving nine candidates.


Ibrahim Osouki (Lebanon) withdrew in favour of the Saudi & Qatari candidates, leaving eight candidates remaining.


Ahmad Khawari (Malaysia); Chiu Chan Fai (Hong Kong); Maisam Zamanabadi (Iran); Mohammad Hiji (Qatar); Mohammad Hassan Alshaikh (Saudi Arabia); Saba Nayakan (India); Tu Xiadong (China); Otgonbaatar Chultem (Mongolia).


VOTING done for the five seats among the remaining eight candidates:

Votes Polled:

Ahmad Khawari (24 votes), Chiu Chan Fai (5), Maisam Zamanabadi (22), Mohammad Hiji (20), Mohammad Hassan Alshaikh (19), Saba Nayakan (20), Tu Xiadong (8), Otgonbaatar Chultem (1).


ELECTED: Five Vice Presidents : Ahmad Khawari (Malaysia), Maisam Zamanabadi (Iran), Saba Nayakan (India), Mohammad Hiji (Qatar), Hassan Alshaikh (Saudi Arabia)


SECRETARY GENERAL: Two candidates:

Amjad Aziz Malik (Pakistan) and Hussein Alian (Palestine)

Hussain Alian withdrew in favour of Amjad Aziz Malik

Amjad Aziz Malik was elected unopposed.


TREASURER: Two Candidates

Abeer Ali (Syria) and Niranjan Rajbanshi (Nepal)

25 Votes Polled:

Niranjan Rajbansh (Nepal) 18 votes and Abeer Ali (Syria) 7 votes

Niranjan Rajbanshi (Nepal) was elected


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: 12 Candidates for eight seats


Yemeni candidate Mansoor Ali Mohammed Aldubai withdrew leaving 11 candidates.


Sayer Zaland (Afghanistan); Shinsuke Kobayashi (Japan); Ayad Qasim Subhi (Iraq); Chi Kam Fong (Macau), Ahmad bin Saif (Oman); Ibrahim Dsouki (Lebanon); Hai Luc Chi (Chinese Taipei); Iyad Naser (Syria); Otgonbaatar Chultem (Mongolia); Tu Xiadong (China), Hasan Ullah Khan Rana (Bangladesh).


Votes Polled:


Ahmad bin Saif (22 votes), Ayad Qasim Subhi (23,) Otgonbaatar Chultem (6), Hasan Ullah Khan Rana (1), Hai Luc Chi (24), Ibrahim Dsouki (22), Iyad Naser (4), Chi Kam Fong (24), Sayer Zaland (20) Shinsuke Kobayashi (25,) Tu Xiadong (25).


ELECTED: Tu Xiadong (China), Shinsuke Kobayashi (Japan), Hai Luc Chi (Chinese Taipei), Sayer Zaland (Afghanistan), Ayad Qasim Subhi (Iraq), Ahmad bin Saif (Oman), Ibrahim Dsouki (Lebanon), Chi Kam Fong (Macau)

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