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Tillakaratne calls for ICC to hold inquiry into Sri Lanka Cricket elections

Former Sri Lanka captain turned politician Hashan Tillakaratne has written to the ICC to hold an impartial inquiry into the election of Sri Lanka Cricket which was held on January 3 to see if any provisions of the ICC Articles had been breached.

Tillakaratne in his letter to the ICC states: No sooner had nominations closed some candidates informed the Director General of Sports that several of the candidates for the top posts (Including the present President, the two Present Vice President’s and the Secretary) were not qualified to contest their respective posts in terms of Article 11 (v) (f) of the Constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). This Article states that any potential candidate to these ‘top’ posts must have served Sri Lanka Cricket in an Executive Committee for a period of two years within a 15 year period immediately preceding the Election.

Initially when these objections were raised the position taken by the Director General of Sports was that the Hon Minister of Sports could waive this requirement in the SLC Constitution. However it was then pointed out to the said Director General that the only exemption that the Minister could make in terms of the Sports Law and the Regulations thereunder is to permit a candidate who has not played first class cricket to contest for a post. The Minister had no power to waive any other requirement in the Constitution of SLC However, no inquiry was held and no decision taken with regard to these objections and these candidates who did not qualify in terms of the Constitution of SLC were allowed to contest for appointment to these posts (and subsequently take up Office).

The Director General of Sports also instructed all clubs eligible to vote at the said elections to submit their list of delegates who will be attending on or before 12 noon on 19th December 2012. However, just three days before the election this list of delegates was mysteriously changed and several high ranking Government Ministers were renamed as delegates. (See attachment) This was done to ensure that all the clubs that came within the said Ministers electorates or Districts would tow the ‘political line’.

Given these injustices and blatant political interference a majority of the candidates who were contesting the top positions withdrew under protest on the day of the elections thereby permitting the Present President, Two Vice Presidents and Secretary (all of whom did not qualify under Article 11 (v) (f) of the SLC Constitution) and several other candidates to be elected uncontested. This has resulted in the Government successfully appointing those who have served on its own Interim Committees during the past 6 years once again into power. Thus through political interference an ‘elected’ Interim Committee has been appointed. This is precisely what the ICC’s Articles seek to prevent.

This is a clear violation of the aforesaid amendment to the ICC’s Articles. Due to political interference the membership of SLC have been deprived of an opportunity to have free and fair elections. The Government appointed returning officer ignored valid objections based on the Constitution of SLC and also permitted the list of delegates to be amended at the last minute to include high ranking and powerful politicians to attend the purported Annual General Meeting to put pressure on the clubs to vote for particular candidates. The Director General also ignored an objection taken on the ground that the notice of the AGM was not in compliance with SLC’s Constitution.

Posted on 2012-01-10 15:11:10
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Should Dilshan have continued until Cricket World Cup 2019?

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“That was pathetic. No excuse at all. The whole team is responsible. Whoever the captain is, we have to back him and try and support him. The captain has to do so many other stuff. All the 11 guys must back him and support him.” “We have addressed the issue of finishing off the overs on time in the past as well, but it cropped up again. It’s so unfortunate to see Upul going out as he is a crucial player in our set up. He batted well against South Africa and it’s so unfortunate. This can’t happen again,” - Angelo Mathews


Cricket is a game of fine margins and Mathews is set to be a modern great. Hang in their Angie, this team can achieve something on this tour. Thirimane and the youngsters form was a real positive. Prasad was missed. Chameera should be persisted with. If Bairstow was our early outcome could have been very different.


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