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Football-'Football brings youth of all communities together' -
Football, the 'sport of the people', has grown in the local and regional fronts in Sri Lanka. This kind of exposure gives the sport a global frontier which is a first for international sporting alliances in Sri Lanka. It brings youth of all communities and backgrounds together to run on a pitch and bond over a goal," said MP and Tharunyata Hetak Chairman Namal Rajapaksa
2012-07-05 19:56:01
Football: FIFA approves goal-line technology
Football's world governing body FIFA has agreed to allow the introduction of goal-line technology (GLT) at a meeting of the sport's executives here on Thursday.
2012-07-05 20:01:32
The new Sports Minister is of course engrossed with the affairs of cricket since the impending World Cup which our team will no doubt have to contest vigorously.
2015-03-03 12:43:40
Sri Lanka football, stuck in the mud hole!
Football is in a much greater plight though of course our country and its administrators don’t value it as much as cricket. Blatter the FIFA boss made a visit last December and saw to himself the tamasha that the FFSL put together at great cost. Over Rs. 16 million has been spent. Only Ariyalai Football Training center in the Jaffna peninsula which was apparently completed two years ago was reopened.
2015-03-22 14:26:05
COPE stirs Football and Cricket pots
Millions of rupees channelled by FIFA- the International Federation of Football Associations – to the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) had been deposited in the private bank accounts of two senior ex- office bearers of the FFSL; the Parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprise (COPE) was informed this week.
2016-08-17 20:48:49
Channa, a great player who mismanaged his funds
Former president of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) Ranjith Rodrigo said that former national captain E.B. Channa was a good player and earned well, but mismanaged his funds. He made this observation at a media briefing held on August 31 at the Football House to express the plight of E.B. Channa the former national footballer who led the country and is now said to be digging graves for a living.
2016-09-12 11:50:44
Football drifts into uncertain times again
Local football once again has entered tentative times with a plethora of ideas streaming in as the panacea for the present ills for this popular sport. Some veterans of the game has urged the Minister of Sports to replace the present administration of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) and appoint an Interim Committee (IC) to take football out of its misery.
2017-01-08 18:57:29
Football- A tumultuous election, a silent aftermath, then a major uproar!
Sri Lanka (FFSL) went to the polls. And, probably got the decision it deserves. The run-up to the elections was, to say the least, ruthlessly fought in the hinterlands of the sport; in the district Leagues which, every two years, gets the opportunity to kick a few butts. The Football poll, indeed, took the proportion of an inverted soap opera.
2017-08-13 18:05:20
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Should Dilshan have continued until Cricket World Cup 2019?

Yes No

“That was pathetic. No excuse at all. The whole team is responsible. Whoever the captain is, we have to back him and try and support him. The captain has to do so many other stuff. All the 11 guys must back him and support him.” “We have addressed the issue of finishing off the overs on time in the past as well, but it cropped up again. It’s so unfortunate to see Upul going out as he is a crucial player in our set up. He batted well against South Africa and it’s so unfortunate. This can’t happen again,” - Angelo Mathews


Cricket is a game of fine margins and Mathews is set to be a modern great. Hang in their Angie, this team can achieve something on this tour. Thirimane and the youngsters form was a real positive. Prasad was missed. Chameera should be persisted with. If Bairstow was our early outcome could have been very different.


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